Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Scoop #4: Weekly Links

Hope you are enjoying the last day of your weekend! Mine always feels short because it feels like I nap away half of my Saturday in order to catch up on sleep. My brother came over today to use our wi-fi. We hung out. I'm lucky to have a brother who has a similar sense of humor as I do. 
23 Signs You're Secretly An Introvert from Huffpost. I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me, but there wasn't. I'm so glad more people are talking about introversion these days, especially for the younger people that are trying to find out where they fit in the world. 

   On Facebook, do you ever get the urge to "like" someone for "liking" something that you like? From New York Magazine, When Did the Internet Get So Nice? explores this strange phenomenon.

   High Heel Impact - Worst Shoes for Feet on Refinery29. Okay, so we all know that high heels wreak havoc on your feet. But to what extent? And how can ballet flats be bad for us as well? 

   From Huffpost: 7 Unconventional Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Be Reading Books. More justification for reading!

   This Is What Happens When You Photoshop Celebrities Into Your Holiday Party - TwistedSifter. Oh my gosh. So silly and so funny. Check out the ones with Tom Cruise in them. On top of that, some of these have been doctored so well that they look REAL.

   On Yahoo, Lori Leidig offers up Two Easy Meal Recipes for College Students. They sound so delicious and easy to make. I will most likely make the cheesy tuna casserole. 

   Couples Switch Outfits In Playful, Gender-Bending Photo Series by Hana Pesut on Bored Panda. What a new way to look at the ideas of gender that we take for granted every day. 

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  1. Love this. The recipes look delicious.Any of the "reasons to read" posts i send to my friends who actively avoid reading. Its the only way to make them read.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Ashley. <3 My friends who actively avoid reading will need something more than that article - maybe a book-to-movie release or something. When I worked at a used bookstore, there'd be a lot of folks filing in from the theater particularly after seeing a book-to-movie release.