Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Scoop #3: Weekly Links

Hey! Welcome again to The Sunday Scoop.

A Very Geek Chic Halloween: 10 More Geeky DIY Costume Ideas. So. Cool. My faves: Misty from Pokemon, Han Solo from you-know-where, and Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.

From Barnes and Noble Book Blog comes a fantastic list of Seven Scary October Reads to get you into the season. 

What Your Coffee Order Says About The Type of Human You Are from Food Republic. I laughed at what it said about Frappuccinos. Because it's true. :P

For those of you who are there, have been there, or are about to embark on your 20s, ...because i'm a twentysomething is an insightful post on breaking the mold of what society tells you to do in your 20s. 

Also from B&N is 14 Characters Who Should Have Lived. Ugh... *hangs head thinking of Game of Thrones*

From SquawkFox is an adorable guide on Tiny Tarts: How to Make Pie in a Jar.

Shocking Poll Results That Might Make Book Lovers Cry. Well, these days people have more places to go to get their story fix. Not necessarily a bad thing in itself, except for the novel industry. D:

Traveling somewhere soon? What can you get away with stealing from hotels?

Tips for Fighting Your Inner Book Hoarder. *cries* But...but books are so awesome.


  1. This is such a great idea. I should start saving links to articles i find interesting. I will link back to you if i do post them.


    1. Oh, you should! I would love to see what cool stuff you find on the Netz. Feel free to use my image if you like.