About Glam Book Lounge

I used to scribble my thoughts about books and authors into physical notebooks, but then I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to make a blog to store my book reviews and to meet other readers?" Thus Glam Book Lounge was created in August 2013. 

*I recently returned from hiatus after two years. It's weird looking at my old posts and what I read two years ago, like popping open a time capsule. I come back with a new goal: to be true to myself. 


  1. I grew up in the San Diego area!! Solana Beach, actually!! My parents still live there. :-) I enjoy going back home for family visits.

    1. Wow, so good to meet you. I'm from the South Bay, so Imperial Beach area. :) Woohoo, a fellow San Diegan! I still need to explore Solana Beach, but I've heard that its beaches are beautiful and not too touristy.