Saturday, October 26, 2013

Homework and Midterms: Let's Get This Party Started

Rah. Happy Saturday to you. 

I've turned in a couple of significant papers, but next week is where the slew of midterm exams come in. And a research paper to do.

This will be a busy weekend. I plan to get as much work done as possible, especially since there is a peninsular Spanish literature midterm exam on Monday.

Oh, Cervantes, you and your dellas and complex sentence structures. .
I will study a lot more efficiently than this. *vows solemnly*
Also, next up are readings for my science fiction class. I need to catch up for this and next week. 

Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke (sci-fi)
A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr. (sci-fi)
Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein (for my sci-fi research paper)
David Copperfield by Charles Dickens (the next 150 or so pages)
What I'm reading for fun - Woodlands by Lauren Nicolle Taylor.
I'd really like to sit down and finish it but there's been so much. So much! *weeps* 
My Taiwanese film class readings can wait until Monday. 

If you're in school, then I wish you the best with midterms! Anyway, I gotta jet. Talk to you later! 

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