I'll be keeping a log of my dreams here, but I'll consider moving them if they get too long.

5-30-2015 Saturday

I woke up from a dream within a dream. My sister was beside me. She asked me, "Did you have any weird dreams?"

"No," I replied. "I just had normal dreams so I didn't remember them." 

And then I proceeded to have a normal dream. 

5-11-2015 Monday

In this dream, Poly and I live in my parents' house. Our deadbeat ex-housemate supposedly moved out in December, but it turns out that he never left

I discover the ex-housemate one day when I come home early and catch him lying on my bunk bed flipping through my phone. It turns out that he's been hiding in the house the whole time, sometimes in the cabinets, beneath the floors, sometimes under my bed while I was doing who-knows-what. 

When I mention this to Poly, Poly says that he's found signs of someone snooping through our stuff and our computers when we weren't home.

We banish our ex-housemate from our house for good.

Soon afterward, I see the ex-housemate standing in the intersection with a homeless sign. He's growing stubble, and his eyes are sullen and resentful as they regard me through my dirty car window. I wonder if he'll come back to kill us. 

5-7-2015 Thursday

Comments: Hadn't had a zombie or Walking Dead dream lately, so this one was welcome. It happened in the span of two hours of sleep. 

The Walking Dead + Troy (2004) + Kingdom of Heaven (2005) = dream. 

A voice-over narrator discusses Carl's diminishing knowledge of biologywhich is now limited to really weird, fanged water creatures with phalanges (idk how you describe them, but they hang out in coral reefs). Four groups of nasty fanged water creatures 


I'm sitting at a wooden table with a large group of people, who are eating, sharing presents or clothes or whatever. Suddenly, I see a mini-scorpion beneath the table and we're trying to figure out what to do with them. This guy wants it, but then the red-headed girl next to me grabs it and squeezes it until it explodes. The whole table experience feels like we're about to leave for something. 

And we do. Apparently we (as in Rick's group) have been camped out at an ancient city with walls of wood. Barbarians are coming, and we want to get out of there as fast as we can.  We're a large group. I'm preparing in the bathroom with Carol, and this blond woman-warrior-mom (Jennette McCurdy) comes in and intimidates her.  

We leave the wooden gates of the village in a large group. Two 20-ft tall golden elephants (who are actually very slender and flat, kind of like raised clay sculptures gilded with gold) loom over us as they move slowly with the group. Their entire surface is painted over with gold and their eyes are lined with black kohl. They are so tall and slender that they look like golden giraffes with trunks rather than elephants.  

"We're taking elephants with us?" I asked incredulously. 

This short man with a beard nodded. "They look like they could eat us." 

"Uh, I don't think they'll make it," I said, referring to the legions of Walkers "out there" in the world that could attack the elephants. The elephants, being so tall and golden, would be magnets for Walkers. Why are we taking golden elephants with us?! 

The man burst out laughing.   

As we turn out of the village, a group of very stereotypical-looking barbarian-Vikings charge towards the village. They pass us. I look at Rick. He glances at me, then at the camera or whatever and says, "They're not interested in us. Let's go!" 

I realize that we're jogging in the front, and that the bulk of our group is a bit back. I slow down to make sure that Carol and Carl are safe. They're doing fine. 

The blond woman-warrior-mom (Jennette McCurdy) charges at the Vikings (idk, midfielder I guess). One invader takes her down with an arrow and she falls in the dirt. I feel sorry for her daughter, who is still with us. The group keeps running. 


Meanwhile, Lori is suicidal in a swamped up wooden building. The water fills the room to her ankles. Her back is to the wall. "Take me with you," she says to a weird mass in the water. It looks like regular dirt beneath the water...but with texture.  

Suddenly, the beige mass leaps out and latches onto her foot. The creature is like a flat, moldy and stuffed quesadilla its bumps and holes. Beneath the outer porous sheath is a snake-like shape that moves forward and pokes her in the foot. Lori lets out a grunt of pain. I imagine that it is biting or burrowing its way into her foot. It's vampiric, one of the creatures to change during the Walking Dead apocalypse.  


I am ripped into a flashback of the Beginning. Someone beats up this lanky white teenager really bad. But damn. The teenager leaves...and apparently dies from his wounds. Soon afterward, we see the teenager staggering down the suburban neighborhood. Later, an old man screams with a chunk of his head chewed off. The teen smiles with a mouth full of blood. 

This is the Beginning.  

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