Sunday, October 27, 2013

Truth or Dare: (Truth) My Biggest Book-Related Pet Peeve

Hey all, welcome to Truth {or} Dare, a meme hosted by Jenna Does Books.

This week, the question is, what is your biggest book-related pet peeve?

Mine is The Dreaded Bent Book Cover. 

Oh, the horror!!! *shivers*
This is so not my copy.
I considered bending a book cover to demonstrate,
but couldn't bring myself to do it to my own little preciouses.
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The books I read get a little dented from being pushed around in my bag. Dents and a bit of corner wear are okay. But what absolutely kills me is seeing the cover bent, like if I accidentally set something on it while the cover is still up. Or if my husband sits on it, causing the glossy or matte cover to be pushed back.

Oh yes. He's heard me freak out over a bent book cover, in which there is a permanent scar where the bending had occurred. 

Doggy ears are NOT for book covers. NO NO NO

I don't mind bent book covers if they come with the book, but I will try to prevent further scars. I am a lot more lenient on used books than I am on brand-new books, though. 

Anyway, now you know about my dark secret. 

Cracked book spines come as a close second, but after working in a used bookstore, I've found that really old books whose spines were never bent tend to break completely in half when you open them, because the glue is so dry and brittle and was never shaped (through bending) to allow the book to open. 

I do dislike badly cracked and broken book spines, though. It's what I would dread if I were to let someone borrow a paperback. The book spine would have to be cracked by ME first. 

Thanks for reading! How do you feel about bent book covers and cracked spines?


  1. Ugh! Bent covers suck. I've accidently bent a couple and it was terrible. And one was a library book. I felt so bad! When I do, I pet the book under a pile of heavy university textbooks and it helps a lot, but, like you said, there's still a permanent scar.

    1. Hi Megan! I do that too. I'm grateful for when a book cover is bent just before the angle of no-return, where it's trying to decide whether it wants a scar or not. A few of the covers have recovered, but I feel bad for the ones that are scarred forever.

  2. I have bent only a couple of covers and when it happens, I just want to cry. I get all kind of mad, mostly at myself for letting it happen. Peole think I am so weird for how anal I am over my books!

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

    1. Hello Vyki! Don't feel weird; it's a collector thing. ;) I can relate to your anguish. I'm borrowing a friend's book (it's self-published!) and I'm terrified of getting the cover bent so I have it wrapped up in a large zip-loc bag when I'm not reading it.

  3. I find it interesting that so many people are bugged by this. I mean, I don't try to mutilate my books on purpose, and I'm usually a little annoyed with myself if I spill coffee on some of the pages, but I'm OK with my books all looking as though they have been read.

  4. Hey Book Wookie! Sorry for the late response. I'm cool with some forms of wear, but there's something sacred about a smooth and glossy (or matte) cover that I don't want to defile. :P