Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Scoop #1

Welcome to the Sunday Scoop, where I will be sharing links of cool articles that I've come across on the Internet. Feel free to join!

  • CollegeFashion's Geek Chic section shows us how to rock some Fashion Inspired by City of Bones (the movie)! I'm liking the shadowhunter gear, but they are a bit generic, as I'd be more likely to be recognized as a punk than a shadowhunter. :P
  • Refinery29 shows us some easy (and fun!) Halloween costumes to try out this year. I liked the one on Miley Cyrus and Shocked Parent! Now, if I could only convince my husband to dress as the shocked television viewer...
John Lennon seems mortified by Miley Cyrus's dance moves.
"Oh my," he says.


Which Harry Potter-inspired treats are you interested in trying (or have tried)?

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