Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Hope you're enjoying your Labor Day today! The temperatures seem to have cooled down but I'm still fan-dependent. I'm sitting two feet away from it. This is a deliciously cloudy day. I should have tea. 

My blog will have mostly young adult books, but I also want to read some fantasy and sci-fi books that aren't marketed to the YA crowd. There are books that I consider to be YA (well, the protagonists are young adults at some point!), but aren't marketed as such. You could tell by the fact that the covers aren't as cute. Well, when it comes to me, it sells. I'm a sucker for books with cute covers.

So what will I do? I do read outside of YA--like World of Warcraft books, Drizzt novels, and other fantasy/sci-fi. It's just that I don't go through these as fast as I do YA. 

I haven't been very good at checking the mailbox lately, but here are books I received through Paperbackswap (a book trading site). 

published 2008

Shadow's Edge by Brent Weeks is the second book in his Night Angel trilogy about assassins (or wet boys, to be more specific). I read the first one, and while the story elements weren't that original, it was amazingly told and well-paced. The world-building gives us a strong idea of how it's like without slowing down the plot, and keeps it real (streets smell like crap from the horses and everyone's sweat). 

This book came over from Hawaii so it took a while, but I'm really looking forward to reading it. It's not really marketed towards a YA audience, but it should be. 

Published 2007

Okay, so you know how the library's copy of Why I Let My Hair Out by Maryrose Wood was missing the last two pages? The book sounded so good that I ordered my own copy from PBS. If I don't like it, I can always just post it again and send it to someone else.


I'm reading Poseur by Rachel Mande and Adulthood Rites by Octavia Butler. I'll finish Poseur first and review it as soon as I can. :) 

Thanks for reading! How's your Labor Day going? Leave a comment!



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