Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day One: 15 Book-Related Confessions

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Heya. I know I'm joining this party super-late, but it looks too fun to not do. I won't be doing the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge consecutively but plan to finish it. You can visit to check out other bloggers who have done this challenge. 

Okey-doke. So here goes my list of 15 book-related confessions. The best confessions I have are from the past. Warning: some will be totally nasty. 

1. I used to wipe my snot onto library books back in elementary school. 
The thicker the snot, the better. What? I told you it was going to be gross! 

2. I sniff paperbacks. 
Old. New. I like how all paperbacks smell. I think this is relatively common among bibliophiles though.

3. I have bad taste when it comes to crushes on fictional men. 
Oh, those anti-heroes. *cough* Artemis Entreri. *cough*

4. When I was 10, I wrote letters to the dead C.S. Lewis to ask him to let me into Narnia.
Risking my life in Narnia seemed much better than the stupid school drama I was going through...

5. I get mad when the corner of my new paperback book cover gets bent. 
It's so hard to keep paperback books looking nice. 

6. In high school I realized how formulaic Harlequin romances were, so I'd just flip to the sex parts (a little past the middle).

7. Also, in high school, my skin was so oily that occasionally I would use the pages of books as oil absorbing sheets. 

8. I binge at the library. 
By binge, I mean binge-borrow. Highest record was 30-something books that I took home in two nylon tote bags.

9. I have never read at the beach. 
I live right next to the beach but I have never read a book on the beach despite all those summer reads pics that show up everywhere. I don't really visit the beach much. I just like the breeze. 

10. As a kid, my favorite books series was the Babysitter's Club by Ann M. Martin. 
And my favorite Babysitter was Mallory. 

11. I cover my book collection with plastic book protectors. 
They're like the ones that cover comics. It takes away the experience of grabbing a book from the shelf and then flipping through it, but I do it to keep out the pests. Too bad I didn't start this sooner!

12. I borrow most of the books I read. 
My little room has no space to keep all of the books I want, so I have space on a shelf dedicated to transient books. 

13. I dream of having a room dedicated to my personal library.
It would have cushioned chairs, a wide window, and lots of shelves. And maybe a chandelier. But a standing lamp will do. 

14. During hard times, I read for especially for escapism. 
The further from reality, the better. Super-formulaic fantasy is great for when I just want to transport my mind to a similar world with a different set of rules. 

15. I feel aimless in life without a book I'm currently reading. 
I've gone through weeks where I wasn't reading a novel for fun, especially when I was pre-med. I'd read articles, short pieces, but I felt lost without a longer storyline to ground me and keep me moving to the end. 


Thanks for reading! What are some of your book-related confessions? Any you can relate to? Share them in your comments!


  1. I am a book sniffer too.

    My library in my house will only have a door into my room. I`ve always wanted one of those hanging seats to read in.

    Welcome to the blog confessions


  2. Books just smell so good. Hanging seats are cool.

    Thank you Ashley.