Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book Review: Crash by Lisa McMann (Visions #1)

Published: 2013

Genre(s): YA / Paranormal

Jules is a high school student who works in her family's Italian restaurant. Lately, she's been experiencing horrifying visions of the future in which people die in a crash at the rival restaurant. 

The rival restaurant is owned by the Angotti family, which includes a teen boy named Sawyer. Jules has had a huge crush on Sawyer since 7th grade (she's like 17 now) but because of their families' rivalry, they haven't really spoken to each other for years. She needs to warn Sawyer of the future, but he thinks she is going crazy. How can she save him before it's too late? 

My thoughts: 

I wanted to like this book, but Jules's voice sounds monotone and not engaging at all.
She comes across as a passive character who said "sorry" every chapter or so, until she snaps and has a suddenly empowering change of personality in the middle. 

As a character, there isn't much to Jules's character except her crush on Sawyer, the family drama, and her visions. I don't really care about her or anyone else in the story (except her dad; he was the most conflicted and believable character). 

After 200 pages of mostly repetitive visions-freak out-visions, the book gets juicy during the last 25 pages. The stuff isn't really much of a twist, but contains information about characters that I wish had come up sooner in the novel. 

What I did enjoy were the amusing and funny "5 things" lists, as well as the fact that her dad was a hoarder. 

Overall, I'm not a fan of the book. I put it down several times before I made myself finish it. It's too bad, because the book is beautifully designed on the outside.

My rating: 

It seems like a lot of people liked this book. The biggest difference between me and people who like the book is probably that I want more character development. This was my first experience with a book with Lisa McMann, and I'm finding that I don't really click with her style. 

Update: (9/16/2013) I lent Crash to my ten-year-old sister and she likes it a lot so far. This is probably a book for a much younger audience. :3

What I'd Eat While Reading This Book:

  • Jules's yummy pizza 
  • pasta from the Angottis' restaurant

Have you ever had visions of the future? Let me know! All comments are appreciated. <3

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