Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter Break and Free Time: Setting Goals

San Diego will never look like this.
Photo Credit: Nouse

So after two weeks of all-nighters (both failed and successful), stress eating, and final exams, I am on winter break. As someone who usually has something to study for, I am once again floundering around. It feels so weird to not have an essay to write, a passage to read for a lecture, or concepts to study for. Sleeping in is fantastic, and so is having the leisure time to meet up and have dinner with a friend, or to chat with my in-laws when I leave the bedroom. Lying on the bed and sleeping and dreaming and eating and lying o the bed some more is fun, but if that's all my break consists of then it will start to feel hollow. I need structure and goals to feel like I'm not wasting my time away. 

To combat this feeling of being lost in a sea of recreational activity, I have a list of goals this vacation. It doesn't even matter so much if I actually fulfill them, but I feel better knowing that I have a set of things to work towards, especially when I find myself unsure of what to do. 

Aside from continuing my work on the blog (which I am doing right now), here are some of my most important goals:

  • Re-read all the World of Warcraft books and write reviews on them. 
    I am SO looking forward to this. There are some AMAAAAAZING books in this series, some heartbreaking, most epic. Oh gosh. *goes into emotional rave-fest for 5 minutes* Well, with the exception of a couple of books. But every other book is decent, and I will read them all chronologically, starting with the first book.
  • Finishing watching Gossip Girl. 
    I've been trying to finish this series for five years. And now the final season of Gossip Girl (season 6) is on Netflix. It's not even that it's amazing--after a certain point, everyone has been with everybody. I just can't bring myself to commit to a new show until I finish this one. 
  • Read e-ARCs.
    There are several e-ARCs that I have not gotten to, and I must finish them.
  • Meet with my friends and family.
    Or write them. 
  • Read The Wall by Lauren Nicolle Taylor. 
    This is the sequel to the suspenseful dystopian novel The Woodlands, which is free on Amazon. Read my review of The Woodlands here. 
  • Try out beta version of Hearthstone game.
    This is the new game by Blizzard. It's still in beta, but I've heard many good things about it. It's a computer TCG. I will certainly keep my trusty hearthstone mug by my side as I play.
  • Play World of Warcraft.
    Within this goal are mini-goals: level my shaman to 90, practice and optimize DPS on my rogue, get really good so that I can defend my sister-in-law from marauding gangs of scum that wander around the Isle and kill players. >:O 
  • Watch Star Trek. Learn to speak Klingon (optional). 
    I don't even know where to begin. I have Star Trek red costume, and I'd love to wear it to class because it's flattering. However, I'd lose whatever nerd cred that I never even had if a Star Trek nerd tries to start a themed conversation with me. 
  • Brainstorm ideas for honors thesis. 
    I'm nervous about my submission for next quarter, and I want to know exactly what I'll be writing about. 
  • Gym. 
    I don't have to gym everyday, but without the need to walk up hills to get to class, I will balloon into a blueberry in no time. 

Thanks for checking this out. How do you sort out your winter break time? Do you feel empty without the rush of school in your ears? 


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