Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Ten New-to-Me Authors I Read In 2013

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This book has been a great year for reading for me. I've fallen in love with the works of many authors, especially in the YA genre. A few are established authors that I have only recently met, but there are many debut authors that knocked my socks off.

1. H.G. Wells

I read: The Time Machine
Well. I am, embarrassingly, a century or so late. Not that I could really help it, since I didn't even exist for most of the belated century. ;) Wells's vision of the distant future is eerie and speculates on the future of the class division between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. I got scared reading the scenes between the protagonist and the Morlocks at night. 

2. Rainbow Rowell

I read: Eleanor & Park 
This is the sort of book that I wish existed when I was in high school. I could totally relate. It's not the sugar-coated, escapist version of high school that you get here; you get real teenagers with real conflicts in their lives. It's realistic but still leaves you with a sense of hope about the good people in the world.

3. Lauren Nicolle Taylor

I read: The Woodlands, The Wall (currently reading)
I don't remember how I came across Woodlands but the cover definitely attracted my attention. This is a dystopian novel, and I just love Rosa as a fierce main character. 

4. Cristin Terrill 

I read: All Our Yesterdays
So good. A well-plotted time travel novel. It's a mind-boggler. 

5. Eliza Crewe

I read: Cracked 
The main character is so sassy and made the novel so fun to read.

6. Sarah J. Maas

I read: Throne of Glass 
I also plan on reading Crown of Midnight. Ooh. *shivers* 

7. Dmitry Glukhovsky 

I read: Metro 2033 
A chilling post-apocalyptic novel about survivors of nuclear war who hide and live in the old Russian subway tunnels. Their biggest enemy are the dangerous mutants who compete with them for space and food, and threaten to destroy the last bastions of humanity in eastern Europe.

8. Brent Weeks 

I read: Way of the Shadows
A novel in a fantasy setting about assassins, or more specifically, wetboys. It fits within the deep fantasy genre, as it contains a lot of standard fantasy tropes and doesn't deviate too much from it. The power plays and intrigue along with the physical training kept me reading. It's so good. After I read it, I went on Paperbackswap and requested the other two books in this trilogy. 

9. Ken Dahl

I read: Monsters
His graphic novel made me giggle and cringe. It's great. I look forward to reading more from him.

10. Brian K. Vaughan (Writer) & Fiona Staples (Illustrator)

I read: Saga (Vol. 1)
The dialogue and artwork in this series is breathtakingly good. I can start reading in the middle and get hooked in the addictive narrative. It's a beautifully done series centered around two likable characters. 


Thanks for reading! What were some authors that you were new to this year?

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