Friday, November 15, 2013

Truth or Dare: (Truth) What are the top 3 worst (or best) things about being a blogger?

Hello all. :) Welcome to the Truth or Dare meme, hosted by Jenna Does Books

The TRUTH question this week is: 
What are the top 3 worst things about being a blogger?
I haven't had this blog up for very long yet, so I'll be drawing from recent experiences. However, a lot of these are double-edged swords. They can be the best things about blogging, too!

1. It's a commitment that I make by myself. 

 I am responsible for posting stuff to the blog, and there are no external deadlines.

On the bright side...without external deadlines comes a freedom. If I have something up, I can take a break for a week or so without worrying about being fired.

2. Time sink. 

 Sometimes I set aside an hour for a post and it takes me longer, especially when it's a book review. 

However, it's been one of the more fulfilling things I've done in my spare time. Blogging about books seems to come a lot more naturally to me than some of the other things I've dabbled in, such as jewelry crafting and painting. Probably because I've been reading all of my life.

I can't think of another bad thing about blogging, so I'll give a good thing:

3. Meeting wonderful people. 

 I've met some great people who have shared my interests or introduced me to some fantastic books. Being a blogger is not just about writing my own blog; it's also about connecting with people in order to celebrate each other and the things we love in life.

Thanks for reading. Are you a blogger? What have been some of the best or worst things about blogging for you?


  1. #1 is for sure a double edge sword.
    It is nice to be able to break for awhile then take the time you want to blog.

    #3 is wonderful, I dont know what I would do with my computer time if it wasnt for other bloggers. I try to comment at least once a week on posts to spread the comment love. Bloggers arent evil flying purple people eaters they have thoughts and are human like I am. Before blogging i thought they were higher people that got free books, i now see how much effort they have to put on to get the books.

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    1. Hello Ashley! Before blogging, I didn't even realize that bloggers received ARCs! I thought they were very wealthy readers who purchased 10-20 books a week. xD Now I know. Blogging takes work, but it's very fulfilling. We each go at our own pace.