Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top 8 Places to Read A Book

If I had a room dedicated solely to the purposes of a personal library, I would stash some love seats and blankets there and read there wherever I can. However, since that's not an option right now, there are other wonderful places to read, including the ones in public. A change in surroundings can be refreshing! 

1. Bed

Pros: I can read naked, read half-asleep without fearing my stuff getting stolen, rest my back, and get some precious alone time. Also, I can fall asleep right after or before I read.
Cons: The little room gets stuffy sometimes, and sometimes I need a break.

2. Cafe

Pros: Coffee and books make great companions. I also get to enjoy the atmosphere of the cafe and watch people.
Cons: Developing a habit can burn a hole in my pocket, and I'd have to drive to the cafe just to read. A cafe would be great as an in-between place to read, but not as a solo stop.

The atmosphere of cafes can vary - some are more social (noisier) while others are full of college students studying. I tend to prefer the studying cafes.

4. Library

Pros: I get to read with other people who are reading.
Cons: The utter silence makes me self conscious of the noises I'm making, thus pulling me away from the book I'm reading. 

5. Backyard, under a tree, random patch of grass, etc

Pros: Reading in nature. Escapism at its best.
Cons: Sometimes nature can be unkind. I've been bitten on the butt before while lying in grass. But I wasn't really reading. I was making out. 

6. Transportation - bus, train, plane, car

Being stuck waiting without a book is like torture for me. I don't travel enough to have developed a plane reading habit, but back when I took the bus, I enjoyed getting some last-minute studying done while being driven around. Having the luxury of reading with my eyeballs is what I miss about taking the bus.

Pros: Kills time; makes the ride go by faster.
Cons: Occasionally, people can be very nosy and crane their neck so far into your line of sight that their flakes of dandruff fall onto your book. This is when I turn the book away from them. To me, this is akin to someone staring at your phone screen as you text. I appreciate their interest in reading, but their invasion of my personal space is distracting. Get your own book, sistah.

An acquaintance says that he takes the cover off of his books, so that it looks like he's reading the Bible. People generally leave him alone.

(The following are popular places to read that I haven't tried yet, but would love to.)

7. Bathtub

I'd love to try reading for hours in the bathtub, but maybe when I'm not sharing one with 8 people. :)

With that being said, I still wouldn't install an entire bookshelf next to the tub. It'd be one earthquake away from an avalanche of bookish treasures into the ocean.

8. Beach / By the Pool

I live right next to the beach but I go there, like maybe three times a year. It'd be great to bring a sunbrella, a book, and shades to chill without getting burnt by the San Diegan sun. I'm putting this on my bucket list.

Thanks for reading! Where are your favorite places to read a book? 

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