Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide for the World of Warcraft Fan

Are you acquainted with an hardcore WoW fan in your life? Maybe they talk about the game all the time, or you just know that they play and love it. Or, maybe you're a fellow WoW player. Here are some awesome Azerothian goodies that would make great gifts. 

This is the first gift guide of a bunch that I'm planning to make. 

(Disclaimer: This is an educational guide. This is not my wish list!)

1. Health and Mana Potions (~$5 each)

(On Left: Mana Potion; On Right: Health Potion)

Loaded with caffeine, these health and mana potions will come in handy during any 12-hour raid. And on top of that, the apothecary-style bottles look great on a shelf. 

A game that so many of us know how to play, but with a WoW theme. Your friend can play with non-WoW friends and WoW friends alike. The board game is a great way to bond with family over the holidays too. 

3. WoW Boss Vinyl Figure (Illidan $12.50, Lich King $12.50)


This is for the WoW collector. Make sure that they enjoy collecting, and have space in their home for it!

4. World of Warcraft AM/PM Collectible Edition Cups ($16 for set of 4)

These are pretty big, plastic cups and were at one time, sold at the AM/PM gas station convenience stores. If your WoW pal missed the sale, you can get him or her this complete set.

5. Faction T-Shirts

Alliance (Men's)
Horde (Men's)

Alliance (Women's)
Horde (Women's)

Azerothians can get pretty passionate about which faction they support. This will take some research if you don't play WoW yourself. Just ask which faction they play mainly on: Alliance or Horde. If you do play WoW, then you probably know their faction already. ;)

6. World of Warcraft Bifold Wallet  ($12.67)

For the WoW dragon fan.

7. Epic Win and Epic Fail Stamps ($13, set of 2)

Hope they're not teachers. No kid would want an EPIC FAIL stamp on their paper. ;)

8. World of Warcraft Keychain

You can't go wrong with a WoW keychain.

9. WoW robe: Priest or Paladin ($150)

Expensive, but so cool. These sold out fast at BlizzCon, especially the paladin robe. That special Azerothian can look good while PVPing, raiding, or questing. 

10. Leather Questing Journal ($14.99)

This can serve as an RL (real life) quest log, which would be great for a roleplayer or anyone who likes to write. 

11. WoW-Inspired Food

(Shown: Mage Strudels, $32 for a dozen)

HearthstoneBakery on Etsy also sells other baking treats that are inspired by in-game food items, such as warlock cookies (inspired by warlock-conjured healthstones) and pies. Another great roleplaying gift idea!

12. Hearthstone Mug ($14.99 on Etsy)

BlizzCon 2013 sold a similar mug (which I own), but to be quite honest, this one is way cuter because here, the hearthstone symbol is glazed AND engraved into the mug, as opposed to just painted on like the BlizzCon one has. Super cute. 


Thanks for reading! Are you shopping for a WoW fan/player this Christmas?


  1. I like the alliance shirt and keychain :P
    WoW Monopoly? -goblin buys Stormwind-
    Varian: "You capitalist!"

    1. Haha! That alliance shirt actually looks pretty good, doesn't it? :P I wonder what cities they'd use instead of Boardwalk.

  2. Yeah, I care about you Ellen, but I see what you did there. I'm not getting any of these for your Christmas. I must say the epic win/fail would be great, if I was able to use them. Those robes are like meh, since when would you see a pally wear a cloth robe.... okay only you're a noob or trolling. As for those mana and health pots, I doubt they're vegan friendly :P

    1. I'm starting to think that I should have placed a disclaimer on the blog post saying, "Do not buy any of these for me. This has been written as an educational guide!" :P I'm content with all the WoW things I already have, so I'm not dying to have anything on this list. This post is the first in a series of gift guides that I'll make, since I had so much fun putting this one together. I'm not sure what the others will be aside from "for the book lover." I wouldn't be the best person to make a "for the LoL fan." :P

      You should get the stamps for your future students. ;)

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