Monday, November 11, 2013

BLIZZCON 2013 : Where I've Been This Weekend

I was quiet this weekend, but part of it was because I spent Friday and Saturday in Anaheim. Blizzcon was great. My sister-in-law, husband, and I were in it for the World of Warcraft stuff, but there were also panels and competitions for Starcraft and Diablo. 

With Sodah (left), one of the best WoW healers in the game. A great thing about his team is that they can play under pressure and adapt to circumstances. His team, Skill-Capped, eventually won.

 There were evangelists outside the convention for both of the days we were there. They hoisted yellow banners, so on the second day, a couple of guys stood outside with the Horde banner too. 

Taiwan team Flash Wolves vs. Sweden/France team MiR at the World of Warcraft Global Tournament. 

 My husband and me. He got a free hat from Newegg. 

Hanging out with a caster. Her costume is beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL. 

Overall, I got to meet some cool people and cross paths with some WoW celebs. The movie panel was great - I'm looking forward to the Warcraft movie! coming out in 2015. I had a blast, and plan to come back to Blizzcon for 2014!

Thanks for reading! What conventions have you been to? 


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