Saturday, March 15, 2014

NEWS: World of Warcraft: War Crimes by Christie Golden

Release Date: May 6, 2014

Hey all! A teaser has been posted on the Amazon page for Christie Golden's upcoming World of Warcraft: War Crimes

This novel, in which Garrosh is charged with the crimes that have been committed beneath his power, is intended to transition the lore between the expansions Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. During the trial, the Bronze dragonflight will use their powers to give the audience a close-up flashback vision of what Garrosh did. 

Christie Golden has stated that she takes some of the ideas for the war crimes from research into our world history (Earth, that is). Here's her response to someone who criticized her for borrowing from the war violence in our own histories:

Well said. Part of the beauty of the irrealist genres such as fantasy and science fiction is that some things are more easily understood after you take away the baggage of reality and place the same situation in a fantastical setting. 

I don't see what's wrong with doing research to write a book, period. A book about war crimes lacking real-world insights would be a disappointment and a mockery of our history - it would be a trivialization of the real war crimes that have been committed. 

Research adds an extra layer of significance to the text and also offers respect to the events that the novel derives from, by depicting the truths of what really happened instead of pulling notions out of one's ass.

Well, anyway. Here's the teaser!

"Garrosh Hellscream. You have been charged with war crimes, and crimes against the very essence of sentient beings of Azeroth, as well as crimes against Azeroth itself. You are also charged for all acts committed in your name, or by those with whom you have allied.” 

Garrosh merely stood there, silent and still. 

Taran Zhu continued. “The charges are as follows: Genocide. Murder. Forcible transfer of population. Enforced disappearance of individuals.” 

The list of the heinous crimes alone was powerful enough to make Jaina tense. She glanced over at where Vol’jin and the other Horde leaders sat. She had heard of the treatment of trolls under Garrosh—and what the orc had tried to do to Vol’jin himself. “Enslavement. The abduction of children. Torture. The killing of prisoners. Forced pregnancy.” 

Anduin winced, and Jaina could not blame him. She thought of Alexstrasza and the horrors that had been perpetrated upon the Life-Binder personally and the red dragonflight in general. Kalec was very still beside Jaina. She looked up at him, meaning to offer him comfort, and instead found him looking down at her. He knew what was coming, and slipped an arm around her. 

She braced herself. 

“The wanton destruction of cities, towns, and villages not justified by military or civilian necessity.” 

The Vale of Eternal Blossoms. 


“What say you to these charges, Garrosh Hellscream?” 

Garrosh did not reply, and for a wild second, Jaina wondered if maybe, just maybe, hearing the charges so bluntly laid out before him would move the former war­chief. She had heard of his anger at an underling who had slain innocents in his name, knew that the one thing even Garrosh’s enemies must give him credit for was a passionate devotion to his race. And, at one time, he had also been given credit for honor. 

She stared at Garrosh, hardly daring to blink or even breathe, not knowing if she wanted him to break down and ask forgiveness for his atrocities or to stand firm— so that they could kill him with impunity. 

And then Garrosh smiled, beginning to slowly applaud, although the chains about his wrists hampered the gesture.

“The show has barely commenced,” he responded, sneering, “and already I give it a standing ovation. This promises to be more entertaining than the Darkmoon Faire!” His contemptuous laughter rang through the hall. “I will not say that I am guilty, for that denotes shame. Nor will I protest innocence, for I claim no such. Let the comedy begin!”


Forced pregnancy? I didn't even know about this. I have not seen any instances of this in-game but if it were put this way, perhaps Garrosh had some sort of orc breeding program, not unlike the industry that perfected Saruman's special Uruk-hai orcs, or perhaps the systematic violence that had created Garona

And I thought Garrosh was a pretty messed up character to begin with. 

Filled with morbid fascination: I can't wait to find out just how effed up he is. 

Still curious about World of Warcraft: War Crimes? Read Speculation: World of Warcraft: War Crimes by Christie Golden.


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