Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Scoop #18

Hello. :) Welcome to the Sunday Scoop. I've spent the whole afternoon researching for my second and last Tolkien paper. I also had a dream that I was a male assassin and hid a large, white envelope inside my thigh wound. Pretty nasty. This week has been rainy for San Diegan weather, but we needed the rain. Finals are approaching fast, so these next Sunday Scoops will be brief.

  • Some of us are social butterflies; some of us are...not. For those of you who get nervous about larger-group settings because you're not sure how to mingle or approach people, here's a useful article from Inc: Hate Small Talk? One Approach Anyone Can Use. And yes, I am among those who take pleasure in hunting down other wallflowers. Check out the article to find out how. 
  • From PopSugar is a fantastic list of 36 Books Becoming 2014 Movies. This is looking to be a great year of books-to-movies! I plan to watch Fault of the Stars (the YA novel is sitting in my Kindle; I must read it before I see the movie!), Divergent (another bestseller that I have not read yet), and the last Hobbit movie (I've read it). There are others that I am interested in too, such as the movie adaptation of Luis Lowry's The Giver.
  • Interested in speed-reading? From HuffPost: You Could Soon Read An Entire Harry Potter Book In Under 90 Minutes With This App. There's a visual example of it in the article and it's pretty darn amazing - take a look at the three speeds. I was able to read the one at 500 words-per-minute, but normally read for fun at around the speed of the 350 wpm (or slightly faster than that). The way this works is that the app aligns the words in a particular way that encourages fast reading. I would use it for scanning informative text, but I prefer to go about texts at my own pace, especially when it comes to creative writing. There's this sense of the writer's style that is lost when I'm reading quickly just for comprehension. 
  • Ever finished a wonderful classic and wished there were books out there today that were more like it? From Buzzfeed: 22 Books You Should Read Now, Based On Your Childhood Favorites. Many of these popular novels are recognizable, including a few of the older ones, since they're still on school reading lists and teachers' classrooms. 
  • Here is a LOTR nerd treat: 10 Facts Only 'Lord of the Rings' Super Fans Know. I've been eagerly telling everyone I've run into that Arwen and Aragorn were cousins. They must think I'm a bit odd, but I'm just spreading the gift of knowledge. I had forgotten that Sauron himself did not craft the Rings; rather it was Celebrimbor, who also created the door to Moria. Well, isn't Celebrimbor our favorite little Elvish engineer, now? 
Also, The Wounded, book 3 in The Woodlands YA dystopian trilogy by Lauren Nicolle Taylor, was released on February 27! Check it out by clicking on the book cover.

The Wounded by Lauren Nicolle Taylor

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