Sunday, August 25, 2013

Welcome to the Glamorous Book Lounge!

Hello, and welcome to the Glamorous Book Lounge! 

I'm looking forward to reviewing books and movies, as well as some random posts about the bookish lifestyle, including some holiday gift guides for that fellow bibliophile in your life later this year! 

A lot of the books I read are young adult or teen novels, and I also enjoy fantasy. Of course, I love it when young adults and fantasy intersect. I tend to devour teen drama novels (Gossip Girl, anyone?). 

This is going to be my last year at UCSD, where I am a literature/writing major. I enjoy learning about all kinds of literature, but I continue to gravitate towards my high school favorite: young adult fiction. 

Currently, my summer project is to review all the books I've checked out and read from the library. I kinda raided the shelves at the local library the other day and borrowed, like, 13 teen books for myself! My tote bag got so fat and I honestly thought it was going to tear, but it didn't! <3 

So far, I've finished reading:

So stay tuned for the reviews! 



  1. Welcome to the Blogging world.

    I searched till I found your intro blog.

    I dont really use my local library because they never have any new YA Books (within 3 years). Hopefully i can help change that but living in a retirement town is hard to change people who are stuck in their ways.


  2. Thank you Ashley. :) That is very thoughtful of you to visit my intro blog.

    Ah, a retirement community. That makes sense. My local library is right next to a high school. I bet your library has a ton of James Patterson books. :-\ Maybe you can get a library card at the city public library. They are usually larger than the local county libraries.