Sunday, August 25, 2013

Starlet (Starlet #1) by Randi Reisfeld -- Book Review

I enjoy the Gossip Girl series as well as other preppy books, but as a San Diegan, I want to start reading the west coast versions of the luxe lifestyle. 

Genre: Young Adult / Contemporary / Privileged / Hollywood

Pub: 2007

From the back of the book: 
Seventeen-year-old Jacey Chandliss has just won Generation Next: America's Top Young Actress and scored a star-making role in a major motion picture. Now she's in the bright Hollywood spotlight. With the help of a bona fide Hollywood power agent, she's all set for her new life--starting with spending the summer in L.A. It's all a lot to handle, and Jacey would probably buckle under the pressure if she didn't have her best friends, Dash and Desi, and her cousin Ivy along for the ride. They're with her in Hollywood to keep her from going Hollywood. 

Wow, this was a fast read! I really enjoyed the descriptions of SoCal luxe, paparazzi, and behind-the-camera scenes. By appealing to all the senses, the descriptions made me feel the energy and excitement of the crowd at the events. It's written in a down-to-earth style that's fun to follow.

For Jacey Chandliss, the glamour and glitz of Hollywood come attached with jealous actresses and aggressive paparazzi. As a character, she's not the smartest apple in the bunch but she's passionate when it comes to acting. Later, she falls into the danger of transforming into a diva (kicking cars in a bitch-fit?), but her friends reign her in. 

At some point I wasn't sure if her friends were stupid or sabotaging her career because they did some unbelievably careless things that made me go, like, really? I wish Ivy, Dash, and Desi were fleshed out a little more because as loyal tag-alongs to Jacey, they all seemed to blend into one entity at times, or hover at the margins until they popped in to say stuff. 

Nonetheless, the message of the novel is sweet. It's about Jacey learning to come to terms with the changes in her newly crazy life, growing apart from boyfriends, and taking charge of her own movie path.  

Overall, I recommend it as a beach read. 

Have you read Starlet or something similar? I'd love to hear what you thought about it! 

If you're still curious, find out more about Starlet by Randi Reisfeld.

Thanks for reading! <3

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