Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Too Deep (Elite #2) by Jennifer Banash -- Book Review

A tale of the Upper East Side told from the perspective of four private school girls about parties, fashion, biological moms, and forbidden romances. 

Genre: Young Adult / Contemporary / Privileged

Although I didn't read the first one, I still enjoyed this book a LOT. The four-way, high-stakes drama was captivating. 

Published 2009

If you enjoy reading about fashion and brands, then you will definitely enjoy the descriptions of the designer clothes and cars. But even if you don't, this series is great in the way that each major character has her own motives for doing everything, even if she is slightly delusional about what's actually happening. It makes it nearly impossible for me to cheer for one particular person.

The main feud is between Madison and Casey, but Sophie and Phoebe are way more than just tag-alongs. They're going through their own problems too, and I appreciate their development into more than just side characters. It makes the overall story fleshed-out and more interesting than if it had only focused on Madison vs. Casey.

Through the pages of dialogue and fluid narrative, I finished the book in no time. There was a dramatic climax but no resolution at all so I was left a little disappointed. Sure, it makes me want to read the next one but I wish that at least a few of the loops were tied up at the end. I'm thinking of checking out the first Elite book when I get the chance.

What I'd like to dine on while reading this book:

  • Madison's fancy salmon salad (How can a fish salad be fattening? It must taste super-good...)
  • Diet Coke (Of course)

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Thanks for reading! Have you read any books in the Elite series by Jennifer Banash? 

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