Friday, August 30, 2013

Finally, A Bookstore Shopping Trip!

shopping bag

Well, last night I was talking about wishing I could shop at Barnes and Noble...Guess what happened today? The hubster and I went to Barnes and Noble! It was quite a drive but once we got inside and felt the air conditioning, it was heaven.

I hadn't been in a bookstore for so long.
I was surprised to see a relatively big DVD section in the store--I hope it doesn't pull the store down because I'm not sure how DVD sales are doing right now.

The cafe was packed. "Huh," remarked my husband. "There were lots of young people in the bookstore."

"I told you," I replied, "Young people still read!" 

He had worked with me alongside the One Dollar Bookstore. He insists that young people do not read anymore. While it's true that a lot of people are getting their story fix from other sorts of media (video games, online media, shows, etc), there is still a market for books. Maybe it's shifting into a different format, like e-books. We'll see.

Or...what if it's old people like me (23 years old) reading young adult books? Oh, my... 

This is what my shopping "spree" consisted of:
  • Mighty Bright Xtraflex2 LED Book Light
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (published 2012) 

I've been needing a book light to read late at night after my little nephew smashed my Book Spine light. Hope this one will work.

As for Throne of Glass, I have a soft spot for fictional assassins. Apparently, there are prequels to this novel in the form of e-novellas! So I'll doubtlessly have lots of electronic reading to do after I finish this book. Although I'm surprised that the publishers haven't consolidated the novellas into a hardcover book. I suppose it's easier to sell the e-books once enough interest has been generated about them, and selling e-books requires much less monetary investment that would have to go into marketing, publishing, shipping, and then shelving the books. 

There's a sequel out already, called Crown of Midnight. If I like Throne of Glass, I'll probably find a way to get a copy of it too. 

So, so excited! 

And, also...

Not sure if the membership is worth it yet, but I plan on coming back when I can. They'll be sending me about "$50 worth of coupons" by email in about a week. 

Have you gone shopping for books lately? Tell us about your trip in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I do like having the novellas online but when i get ready to binge read a series i like it when i can buy the combined novellas in paperback.

    I did this with Iron Fey:Legends as well as Goddess Test.

    Now I can binge read the whole series plus the little extras in between.

  2. The combined novellas in a physical format would be a good way to enjoy it, especially for collectors. I like binge reading too, but it seems that when I binge read an entire series straight, my brain gets a hangover and the details of which happened in which book become hazy.