Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's Monday! (3/8/2015)

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Hello, all. I missed you all so much last week, but this week, I'll be able to visit you all again to see how you're doing.

On Saturday morning, I wrote in a makeshift space in the spare room. After my in-laws had moved out, my husband had set up that room to be a music space. However, he and I have both been busy, so I cleared off the desk to make a temporary writing space...for now. The room will be occupied by someone else in a few days, so I'll be going back to the hunt for a better spot to write soon.

My makeshift writing space.
It feels weird to refer to this as a "writing" space and not a "study" space. 
This week, I finished:

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken
I'm not much of a beer drinker, so when I heard "Mr. Heineken", I didn't think of the world-famous brewery right away. I finally finished writing my review of Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (genre: crime/action), which was based on the real-life 1987 kidnapping of the beer tycoon.

Hope for Garbage by Alex Tully
Hope for Garbage by Alex Tully was a fast read, and I'm really glad I was finally able to experience the story of Trevor McNulty, who is a boy from the run-down side of town who picks up trash and re-purposes it to resell. Tully is a great storyteller. Think: a combo of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (more of the star-crossed lovers, less of the inter-feuding families) and The Graduate (1967). Check out my review here.

Eye Candy Alert!!!
Oh! And I made a casting list for Hope for Garbage using actors from The Arrow and The Walking Dead. Come see my Cast Ideas for Hope for Garbage to gaze at some serious eye candy.


Thanks for checking out my Monday post! What are your thoughts? 


  1. Oh, I enjoy Arrow so off to read your potential casting list!!!


    1. Deb! I just came back from your blog to see that you've commented on mine. Yay! <3 Happy to meet another fan of Arrow.

  2. Hope for Garbage sounds interesting. I really admire people with the creativity to repurpose things. Here's my post:

    1. Hi Elizabeth, the ability to repurpose things is a useful talent to have. It's a great book!