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Interview with Paris Hilton (Full Version)

It's been a while since I had the interview with Paris Hilton for College News (back in early January 2015), so I thought I'd share the rest of the interview with you.

She was really sweet, and we actually went over a little on time. 


Heiress. Model. Reality TV show star. Actress. Singer. Author. Entrepreneur. DJ artist.
America’s favorite heiress has come a long way since the day she secretly signed a modeling contract.

The Simple Life, which premiered in 2003, launched Paris Hilton into mainstream fame as one of the first stars of the reality TV show era. Over the next few years, Paris starred in five seasons of The Simple Life as well as movies and shows. Since then, Paris has been busy working on multiple projects, from her memoir, Confessions of an Heiress to managing her retail stores around the world.

The past three years have been even more exciting for Paris. She has been focusing on her DJ career, her new record deal with Cash Money records, and her entrepreneurial projects which consist of her clothing lines, her stores, and her new perfume called With Love. She saw her hard work pay off last November when she earned the “Best Female DJ” award at the NRJ awards.

Paris currently has several new projects lined up in development, including her children’s clothing line and her single, “High Off My Love”. In this interview, she shares her plans for future projects, including her books on giving dating advice to women. She also talks about about her two new pomeranians and her childhood fear of clowns.

Reality Shows

CN: My friend Rickcel asked me to tell you that he loved the Simple Life, and in that show, you and Nicole were really hilarious.  
PH: Thank you! 

CNThe Simple Life started the wave of what we now consider the “reality TV age”. How was it like? 
PH: It was so much fun, you know, I had no idea what we were getting into. I had never done anything like this before, and never seen anything like it before. We had no idea what to expect. It was all so real and so crazy, being with my best friend and traveling around the world through these crazy little towns and doing all these jobs that we would never get to do in life. So it was a really fun learning experience. We just had so much fun doing it and it was hilarious watching and we had no idea what a huge success it would be, and that it would last for five seasons… 

CN: Absolutely.  
PH: So it was a lot of fun to play those characters in that show.  

CNI recall that you mentioned that the producers asked you to portray yourself in a certain way--your on-screen persona. It’s not necessarily the complete you, but it is a facet of you. Can you explain that a little?  
PH: Yeah. On the show, the producers told Nicole and I to play these characters for me to be the blond airhead who never knows what’s going on, and kind of acting stupid all the time, and then Nicole to be the troublemaker who’s always starting trouble. 

CN: The naughty one. 
PH: Yeah, being mischievous and naughty. So we would play the characters, kind of a little bit how I am, this side so they could see I’m fun, and I’m funny. But when I’m asking about Walmart or anything like that, that was me playing into the character, and just kinda for the audience, because I knew that they would enjoy that.  

CN: Was it hard to get into your character, or was it a natural process? 
PH: It was pretty easy. I’m like a really shy person, so I think being that character made it easier for me because I can hide behind the character instead of fully being myself, and being shy, but I think it was fun because just kind of pretending to be someone else, and you could, have more fun with it, and not be as shy. 

CN: Your outgoing alter ego.  
PH: Yeah, exactly.  

Perfume: With Love

CN: Can you describe the scent of your new perfume? You mention that it is feminine. Which notes make it feminine? 
PH: It’s very feminine, there are a lot of flower notes, like jasmine and orchid and also sweet ones like kiwi and apple.  

CN: Ooh, it’s fruity, too! 
PH: Yeah, it’s a really beautiful fragrance.  

CN: The bottle and the packaging of With Love is very gorgeous, it’s black with some lace. How would you say that it reflects your style evolution over the past few years? 
PH: It’s definitely like how I am now, how I’m more mature and sophisticated. That’s what I do with all my products. I try to have them grow with me, and reflect who I am at that point in my life.   

CNI’m just curious, would you ever wear men’s perfume, like just to throw people off? 
PH: Actually, one of my favorite fragrances I’ve made is my men’s cologne, called Paris Hilton for Men. It’s a men’s cologne. But I always wear it. Yeah. I love it. It’s my favorite. 

CN: That’s great. 
PH: It’s something that a boy or a girl can wear. It’s made for men, but girls love it too.  

CN: I like the idea of having a signature scent that a person wears everywhere, but in reality, I flirt with a bunch of different perfumes all the time, depending on my mood. 
PH: Yeah, me too.  

CN: What’s your take on the idea of a signature scent? 
PH: It’s great with me because I have seventeen, I can always wear one of the ones that I need. But I think it’s nice when people have like a signature scent. A lot of people I know, like my friends, always wear my Paris Hilton Heiress and have been wearing it for ten years.  

CN: That’s loyalty. 
PH: Yeah, they just love it, and people just remember the Siren. They just know it when you immediately walk into a room. It has pheromones in it, so it makes guys want you even more. 

Music & DJ Career

CN: How did it feel like to win the “Best Female DJ” award at the NRJ awards? Congratulations! 
PH: Thank you! I was so excited, I had no idea. I was sitting in the audience so when they said the “best female DJ award” and my name, I was so happy and so proud. It just feels really good to win something for something that is such a huge passion of mine, and it’s something that I love to do so much, so to get awarded for that was an incredible feeling. I was so proud. 

CN: You put a lot of work into learning the art and the music. What’s your favorite genre of electronic music? 
PH: I’ve worked really hard at learning so much with all the different software, and now I’m on the track for SE, which I really love and I’m doing it with CDJs hooked up, a really cool setup. And my favorite music to play is, like, I love EDM dance music, progressive house, but—and my favorite is just dance, ‘cause I love to see and make people have fun and dance.  

CN: I read that you signed up with Cash Money Records, and I was curious about what made you decide to sign up with them. 
PH: I love Cash Money. I’ve been friends with Birdman and Li’l Wayne for many years, and I used to be on another label and they asked me to be on it before, and then finally when I was free from my other label, we had a meeting, played my new album. They absolutely loved it, and signed me right away.  

CN: That is so cool. 
PH: Yeah, that is really cool. 

CN: I heard that you have a new single coming out in a few months, called like, High Off My Love 
PH: Yeah, that’s out next month, High Off My Love, and I helped write the songs as well, and the video is based on Madonna’s Justify My Love. So it’s like, a very sexy music video.  

CN: Oh, that’s really cool. 
PH: Yeah, it’s more like, magical, girly, and fun, and sexy.  

CN: I think it’s interesting that it channels off of Madonna, because you are also very good at reinventing yourself, your image, and going into different projects.   
PH: Yes. I love Madonna. She’s my favorite. 


CN: Okay. I wanted to ask you about books, because I love reading in general, but when I read your Confessions of an Heiress, like, it was so tongue-in-cheek! Like, I just cracked up so much. 
PH: [Laughs.] Thank you! I loved writing that book. 

CN: How long did it take you?  
PH: The book took me about a year to write. Just a lot of putting together the chapters and collecting all the photos… 

CN: And a lot of revising. 
PH: Yeah, exactly. So, it was a lot of work. But, it was definitely worth it. I was really excited to be on the New York Times Bestseller List. It was exciting. 

CN: I saw that book everywhere. 
PH: Yeah, it was exciting. I was so happy. 

CN: If you write another memoir as a businesswoman instead of your heiress persona, how would you approach it? Like, have you thought about making such a memoir? 
PH: I thought about writing other books, I’ve been approached by a lot of companies to do that. Right now, I’m actually in the process of writing a different book about being a businesswoman and a brand, and inspiring young girls to want to do something with—for themselves, and be independent women, and like, girl power. And also, another book about dating, just giving dating advice to girls about all the boys. 

CN: In terms of dating advice, would it be in the form of a Q&A book? Or would it be like, really anecdotal? Like, “These are tips. This is the guide to dating.” 
PH: Yeah, it’d be like a guide to dating, like just giving them advice on what to do with guys… 

CN: and how to play the game. [Laughs.] 
PH: [Laughs.] Yeah, exactly. How to get the guy you want.  

CN: That’s really interesting. 
PH: Yeah. That’s what I’m doing right now, in my spare time.  

Children's Clothing Line 

CN: In your interview with Forbes, you mention an interest in developing a line of children’s clothing and children’s books. I heard that you have plans for these lines coming up this year.  
PH: Yeah. I actually finished designs for the kid line today. It’s really cute, fun clothing, and fashion for young kids. When I have kids, I’m gonna get more into doing a baby brand, and also doing children’s books. I love to draw, and write. 

CN: Did you say you love to draw?  
PH: Yeah, I love drawing. I’d love to make a picture book.    

CN: What’s your favorite medium for drawing? 
PH: What do you mean? Like, my favorite way to draw? 

CN: Pens, or other tools like pencil, oil pastels 
PH: I like everything. I like starting off with pencil, and then going in with, you know, paint or markers. It just depends if I’m doing it on canvas or if I’m just doing it with paper. I like all kinds of art. I like making collages, drawing animals. Those are my favorite things to do.  

Fear of Clowns

CNWhat were you scared of as a kid? 
PH: Um…clowns. [Laughs.] 

CN: I saw this really creepy movie about killer clowns from outer space. That one traumatized me.  
PH: Yeah. I was always scared of clowns when I was little. I don’t know why. At my grandma’s house there was this one hallway with all these clown paintings, and I remember being so scared to walk down the hallway. I was so scared, I don’t know what it was about. [Laughs. 

CN: Yeah, that’s an interesting collection. 
PH: Yeah. [Laughs.] 

Clothing & Accessories Line

CN: You have 55 retail stores around the world. How would you describe the sort of image that you want to convey with your clothing line? 
PH: I just want girls to feel fashionable and confident and also get runway styles for a really affordable price. I make affordable luxury for girls who want to be fashionable and look their best, and have fun with fashion. 

CN: I read that you meet up with designers about once a month. What’s the strangest design you’ve seen so far--like if a designer wheeled out a design that had you go like, “Awesome!” or “Nope! You’re fired!”  
PH: [Laughs.] Um, no, I’m always really nice with everyone. Sometimes, you know, we meet with different designers who won’t really get my vision, and they will just do certain designs that are just not my style at all, or like, just…boring, or too like… [, not fashionable.  

CN: Too out there? 
PH: Yeah. I always make sure I’m on top of everyone, and making sure that everything that goes out is something that I can put my name on, that I love. And I would help make sure that it’s something that reflects me.    

CN: What are some of the challenges of managing your own fashion brand? 
PH: It’s a lot of work. I have seventeen different product lines all around the world, so um, I think the difficult part is just the traveling that I have to do appearances for all my different lines. So it’s a lot of work in that—traveling and doing appearances, and getting—you know—race with the deadlines, and making sure that everything is ready in time for all the different fashion expos and shows going all around. So I’m constantly having to be on top of everyone and make sure that everything is gonna be ready and on time. And great products, great quality. I always have to make sure with everybody…So I put a lot of work in that way. So it’s definitely rewarding. It feels amazing to have created something like this. 

CN: Yeah, absolutely. I love your online store. I was actually eyeing the “hommage gunmetal and black shoulder bag” but it sold out. [Laughs.]  
PH: Aww, thank you. [Laughs.]  


CN: I heard about you getting two Pomeranians very recently, and that you got one for your mom, like for her 35th anniversary. How did she react?   
PH: She was so happy and so excited. She loves puppies, and she’s been wanting to get one and I found her like, the perfect, littlest, tiniest one.  

CN: Oh my god. 
PH: She’s so excited. Yeah. They just flew in from Korea two days ago. 

CN: I saw some pictures and they looked like they were pimped out in some nice accessories too.  
PH: Yeah. [Laughs.] The breeder that we got them from has a whole line of clothes and beds and all the stuff that we got from everything from there. I’m so excited.  

CN: I heard the other one was also to keep Prince company.  
PH: Yeah, Prince, I wanted to get him a little girlfriend so that he wouldn’t feel alone because all the other dogs are kind of jealous but they’re too big for him, so I just wanted him to have a little girl who’s smaller than him.  

CN: How’s Prince doing now? I saw the video a while back where he was nibbling on a carrying case. It was adorable. 
PH: He’s so cute. I love him so much. He’s doing really well, he’s just the best dog, I’m so obsessed with him.  

CN: How do you plan on naming your two new friends?  
PH: I’m trying to decide right now. My mom hasn’t decided yet, and I’m still trying to pick out a name. She’s so perfect and I need to pick the perfect name. So I have ten different names that I’m trying to decide between right now.  

CN: Mmhmm. 
PH: Hopefully I can make a decision soon.  

CN: What are some of the ideas you have? Like, the options? 
PH: Um, Princess Paris Junior, or just Princess Hilton, or Princess Diamonds, or Bridget Bardot, or Princess Cottonball…Those are my top five.  

CN: I wish you luck with naming your puppies. 
PH: Thank you. 


CN: Has anything else about you as a person evolved? 
PH: I’ve definitely been through so much, grown up a lot, and seen what my priorities are in life, and who I trust. I’ve definitely grown up a lot in the past couple of years. I’ve always felt like a kid but now I finally feel like an adult. [Laughs.] 

CN: Yay! You’ve infiltrated nearly every business industry, like perfume, books, reality TV, films, clothes, music and accessories. Is there a market that you haven’t gotten into that you might want to get into at some point?  
PH: At this point, I feel like I’ve done everything I want to in life. But the one thing I wanted to get involved in that I hadn’t before was real estate, and now I have. I’m really excited about that. I opened my first property in the Philippines and it’s been such a big success that we’re opening more around the world, following in my family’s footsteps.

CN: Did you want to say or mention anything to your fans?  
PH: That I love everybody, I wish everyone a happy new year of success, and fun, and rocking. I’m killing it. [Laughs.] 

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