Monday, January 27, 2014

Top Five Fictional Worlds I Would Never Want To Live In

For this week, I'll be sharing the top five (couldn't come up with ten, hah) fictional worlds that I would never want to live in - in short, anything dystopian-like in the oppressive sense.

1. Menzoberranzan 

Home of the Dark Elves, Forgotten Realms

Menzoberranzan, by dangercook. Photo Source
Ah, Menzoberranzan. The violent, underground society that Drizzt grew up in, in which betrayal is commonplace, and even expected. The justice system is also disturbing, since the rule is, you can go ahead and massacre an entire family - as long as you succeed. Success means that everyone else will look the other way. Failure to kill every single member would subject you to the horrific measures of punishment, during which the other members of society stand by and watch, either with apathy or with glee. I thought the matriarchal society was pretty refreshing, however, I don't like that it's part of the package of the "upside-down society," in which patriarchy is romanticized while matriarchy is bashed on. 

On top of everything, there is also child abuse, in which there's an orgy at graduation, and all dark elves are forced to participate, especially when a priestess initiates sex. I can see why Drizzt wanted to jet out of there with his cat. 

2. Azeroth

World of Warcraft, home to many adventurers 

Lovers in Darnassus, by Sandara
This one is a love-hate relationship, and my happiness in Azeroth would really depend on my station in life, how powerful I am, and whether I'd be able to resurrect myself like in-game. Would I enjoy romping around Northrend as a level 5 mage? Maybe, if I were being guarded by forty max-level characters, and twenty healers. Would I enjoy stealthing around the world as a well-trained rogue? Probably. Once you reach max level, you are pretty much a demi-god. 

The problem with Azeroth is that there are way too many dangerous things romping around, that can squish me instantly. I'm trying to see this in the lore sense - if we are going by lore, then any Horde warlock passing by can set me aflame just because they had a bad day. If I lived in Azeroth, then I would have died more than 400 times - the life of an adventurer (including that of the Forsaken and Death Knight) is short. 

3. John Malkovich's mind

Home of a bunch of really old people, Being John Malkovich 

I'd rather not spend the rest of my life trapped in someone else's head. Just let the poor man be.

4. Oceania

Home of Winston Smith and Great Britain in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Oceania (in blue). Photo Source
Censorship, mass surveillance, and torture. Winston Smith gets screwed over by a diary that he keeps. I like to keep diaries of my thoughts. The lifestyle encouraged in this society seems to favor extroversion since sports and ball playing are encouraged, while too much solitude is regarded suspiciously. OH. And chocolate is rationed. Who'd want to live here? 

5. The Woodlands

Home of Rosa and Joseph in The Woodlands. 

An oppressive dystopian society AND a breeding program for females who don't fit in. Awful on both counts.


  1. You have certainly chosen some worlds I hadn't thought of!

    Here's my list of Book-ish Worlds I'd Never Want to Live In. I hope you'll stop by my happy book-ish world!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Deb! Your list is great too!

  2. I love your list. I think putting Azeroth in the list was a great idea. The hubby and I have played off and on for years. However I prefer Azeroth then again it was my home as a lowbie horde player. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great week, and happy reading. New follower.

    1. Heya Mandy, great to meet another WoW fan. Azeroth was my home for the longest time too - well, more specifically Northrend, since I spent the most time playing during Wrath. Thanks for following!

  3. Good list, I agree that the world of 1984 isn't for me they try to control thoughts which is something that scares me and I like my alone time.

    1. Hello Lillyliac! Indeed. The world of 1984 is a nightmare for introverts.

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