Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Scoop #12

Hello. Classes start tomorrow and nightmares about getting lost on campus and not knowing where my classes are have been plaguing my dreams this week. There was also that recurring one about finding out about a math class that I didn't know I had - probably a vestigial remnant from my pre-med days.

Tonight, I finally wrote down my schedule and now I know where I'm going. It's not as beautiful as last quarter's, but forcing myself to stay on campus longer might be a good thing. 

I'm in the process of finishing up Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. Once school begins, I'll probably focus on book reviews on readings I must do for class (unless I choose to be bad, which I probably will be, at least once a week). There are tons of interesting novels that I'll be reading this quarter, so I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you. 

Now, for the weekly pick of reads:

Have you heard about San Antonio's "bookless" public library? It has no paper books but only tablets and computers. The photos of the rooms resemble computer labs, but there are probably lounges in which patrons can use their tablets. Only 10,000 titles are available right now. While I love the idea of borrowing tablets from a library, I'm a little uncomfortable with the tiny selection of books as well as the lack of options in format. This would definitely be a smaller library aimed towards families and young people, but not suitable for doing research projects. There is some backlash against this, with people horrified at the idea of a library without paper books. 

12 Outdated Items That Every Twentysomething Should Own. With my limited space, I am constantly trying (unsuccessfully, in the long run) to prune down my "expansive" collection of physical books. However, I keep the books that matter a lot to me, especially series that I collect. As for the physical photo album, that is a good idea. It's one of those things that I phased out, but it's kind of unstable that most of my photos are on Facebook. Also, if I manage to download everything, I can control more of what shows up in my photos feed. 

Anti-Gay Book by Linda Harvey Pulled From Amazon After Protests. Despite the original credit going to Amazon, it's been cleared up that the publisher/author pulled the books from sale. For someone who supports making the lives of gay people miserable, she sure likes to play the victim: Linda Harvey called the protesters "bullies" in her tweet about the controversy. Hypocrite much?

Meet the Woman Who Ate Only Starbucks Food for an Entire Year. Impressive. My question is: what is she trying to show with this? Did she lose weight? Did she gain weight? Did she feel healthier (maybe not after that Valentine's Day meal)? It was obviously expensive but she doesn't seem to be trying to make a point about how eating at Starbucks can burn a hole in your finances. Maybe she is subtly asking Starbucks to include fried foods? Beats me.

As a lit major, I have many acquaintances who are terrified of graduating (me included). The reason? Because we'll be thrown into the job market in the middle of the economic recession. This article from Refinery 29 offers some words of perspective to the young people, freshly graduated or otherwise, who are entering the job market in 2014

From HuffPost Books is a list of 9 Riddles from Literature. If you've read Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire, then you'll remember the famous one from the labyrinth challenge. Try solving the ones you don't know before peeking at the answers!

Hope your holidays were bangin'! Good luck with the start of '14.

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