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Book Review: ECCENTRIC GLAMOUR by Simon Doonan

Title: Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You
Author: Simon Doonan
Genre: Non-Fiction / Fashion / Guide
Published: 2008

A charming style guide written by a charismatic gay man. While his love of drama, bad advice, and loud cell phone conversations may make me recoil in fear should I ever meet him in real life, I am in love with Simon Doonan's sharp-witted writing persona. His warm personality oozes out from the ink squiggles. On top of everything that I love about Doonan, he is also the husband of Jonathan Adler, one of the coolest stationery designers out there. What does being husbands with Jonathan Adler say about him? That he has great taste in men, of course. 

Eccentric Glamour is dedicated to helping women find a distinct style in clothing instead of going for a generic "ho" look. There are three main categories that the fashion world tends to revolve around: gypsy, existentialist, and socialite. Doonan goes into the subcategories of each type, even noting the types of personalities that each style would depict. What image do you want to send to the world? The point here is to be aware that whatever you choose, even if you're unconscious about the choice, you are sending the world a message about the type of person you are. This message doesn't even have to be related to fashion. Certain styles imply intelligence and thoughtfulness, and Doonan gives you the option of dressing a certain way to either celebrate your personality or to hide it (if you're a professional). 

With that being said, Doonan encourages his readers to be confident about whatever their size is, because that is how they will pull of whatever style they have. There is a section on doorway poses and etiquette (he's pretty relaxed about it). Oh, worried about aging? It's going to happen anyway, and the worst thing you could do is waste away your youth worrying about becoming old. 

I don't know what kind of gals that Doonan hangs out with, but my social circles don't really have people with the "ho" problem of botox, collagen implants, boobaciousness, and super-revealing clothing. Nope. Here, near the coast of California, we have a different problem that is also acknowledged by Doonan: the pressure to underdress. Doonan deals with these fashion issues elegantly and flamboyantly. 

This brings me to the point of being an "eccentric glamour," who is the opposite of a timid dresser or a conformist. An eccentric glamour has it figured out: they know who they are and what they want.  

Doonan's writing can veer into the sarcastic realm in which you're not too sure whether he is being serious enough. Let's just say that the guide on men is really tongue-in-cheek (look at the intelligent awesomeness that is Jonathan Adler!). I'd be bored out of my mind if I dated a guy who was into stereotypically manly stuff and wasn't too bright. ;) Either way, his voice is very entertaining to read. I recommend Eccentric Glamour to anyone who is looking to develop their signature style. 

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