Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Monday! (2/23/2015)

 This lovely meme is hosted by the ever-mighty Sheila of BookJourney.

Hello to you all again! I can't believe Monday is here again already. This is going to be one busy week on all fronts. This Thursday, I'm going to be heading north to Beverly Hills for a press screening of Kidnapping Mr. Heineken on behalf of College News. I'm really excited and also a bit nervous because this will be the first press screening I'm attending. 

I still haven't finished reading The College Chronicles: Freshman Milestones, so I'll just show what I actually finished reading and reviewing this week. 

It rained today, which is quite unusual in San Diego. I was inside the whole time so when I stepped out of work, I only knew about the rain because the ground was damp. 

This week, I finished:

Macaron Murder, by Harper Lin
Genre: Cozy Mystery 

Captivated Reader introduced this book to me last year, but I didn't start reading it until recently. This mystery novella set in Paris is really cute, and also a fast read. And even better: it's free on Amazon. Read my review here

Mess by Liars (album)

This album was quite unsettling and aggressive in both its lyrics and its form. In my review, I mention their music video (single version) of a song featuring a dude singing with a face that threw me into several hours of cartoon therapy afterward. Do check it out if you are braver than me.


Thanks for reading!


  1. That is an overly cute book cover :D

  2. Macaron Murder? I love anything that rings my Paris bell.

    1. Hello Deb Nance, absolutely. Love the Paris setting.

  3. Oh, a press screening - that is exciting! I hope you enjoy it!

    PS. Unrelated: I have to confess I get the macaron / macaroon thing confused!

    1. Thank you, Deborah! :D I'm so excited!

      I used to get macarons and macaroons confused too! From my n00b understanding of cookies, macarons are the cute sandwich cookies of different colors, while macaroons are more golden-y, round cookies.

  4. I love the tile of Macaroon Murder.

    Nice blog.

    ENJOY your reading week.

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