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Blog Tour: THE NIGHT IS FOUND by Kat Kruger

Hey there. Welcome to this stop in the Take a Walk on the Wilds Side blog tour! I was sent this trilogy (including the eARC for the third installment), and my mind is just blown from the vast and complex world of werewolf societies that Kat Kruger has created. To my faerie-loving brain, werewolves had never been as awesome as they are in these novels. This trilogy is like my gateway drug to werewolf lit, and part of what makes it so addicting is the suspenseful storytelling, filled with twists that caught me by surprise and kept me up late at night.
The Night is Found
The Magdeburg Trilogy #3

The tensions between the feuding factions have exploded and now the wolves are at war with each other. As the new pack leader, Connor must fulfill Roul's dream of unifying the wolves. In the meantime, war begins, entangling the Hounds of God, the pharm labs, the packs, and the Luparii escalates as each faction seeks to impose its vision of ideal wolfdom as the universal lupine law, or to protect its way of living from the imposers. 

Decisions have been made. Sides have been taken. There is no turning back.

We get to see factions of werewolves from different parts of the world--that part was exciting because it expanded the scope beyond France. Some that are very old and organized, and others that live life on a more simple level--not really vying for gold or material wealth. In some ways, this felt like Game of Thrones for wolves. Very political. Vast. Full of betrayals. Twists. Anti-heroes (except for Connor. He's a good puppy despite a few booboos in the past). 

Connor has been learning to adapt to the rigid and the more simplistic, even harsh, rules of werewolf society. Here, he has now been given the heavy responsibility of taking care of the pack during these dangerous times. The weird little power dynamics and posturing between him and other werewolves remind me of dealing with dog dominance. Dogs sense insecurity from your posture and body language is just as important in werewolf society - often more than verbal language. 

Madison also gets quite a bit of the spotlight in this novel too. I wasn't sure if I would like her character when I met her in The Night Has Teeth, even if it was clear that the snark was her way of hiding her vulnerability. But after seeing things from her perspective, it's impossible to hate her. She is more conflicted of a character than Connor, who morphs from clumsy and reclusive gamer boy to responsible pack leader with a more mellow mind than I expected. Sure, he gets mad. But he's not angsty. 

For pretty much the entire trilogy, Mads has been stuck in this awful, toxic relationship with Josh, who is one heck of a controlling ex-boyfriend. It is frustrating how despite his controlling nature and stalker-like stares, she still allows him to stick around and exhibits passive aggressive behavior. I actually looked forward to reading these parts because they were interesting and dysfunctional in a real way. It reminds me of people who are afraid to leave abusive relationships.

Overall, this was a great read and conclusion to the series. I was wondering what happened to a couple of characters who just aren't really mentioned after all, and also how Connor will balance out his life after he supposedly graduates from high school or college in Paris. But it tied up many of the most compelling loose ends. I was happy to see more of the lives of some of the more minor and mysterious characters as well. Good stuff, and an overall amazing trilogy. I totally recommend it if you're down to read a suspenseful story.

Release Date: July 22, 2014

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