Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Best Inns in World of Warcraft

Legerdemain Lounge
Tired of sleeping in makeshift tents in Kun Lai? So am I. A bunch of pillows on the ground does not an inn make. Therefore, I am giving you a list of the best inns in WoW and explanations for why they are my favorite spots to hang out. 
I included a couple of neutral inns, but since I play Alliance, this guide will be pretty Alliance-heavy. You're welcome to link me some beautiful Horde inns to look at, though. I've always been curious.


Legerdemain Lounge 

As posh as it gets without becoming overly elitist, with crystal wineglasses and beautiful bedrooms. Attractive innkeeper assistants wander up and down the stairs with platters of drinks and snacks. Downstairs is a snazzy bar where you can have drinks with your girlfriend and flirt with the cute bartender.

The bedrooms are snug and well-decorated. Look at those pillows. You can just tell they're made from a high-quality fabric. Probably frostweave woven with gold. This was my mage's favorite spot to sleep. She set her hearthstone here instead of at A Hero's Welcome because the bedroom felt a lot more intimate.
Bookcase not in use. Mostly because the books have been placed on the night table. Muahaha.
There's an attractive balcony on the second floor where you can look over a significant portion of Dalaran. I had a chat with a worgen about how unusually crowded the city was today, since it's been mostly a ghost town since Arthas kicked the bucket.
Hanging out with my new pal on the balcony.
The place looks like it is run by elves, but from the name of the lounge, I have a suspicion that a dwarf actually owns it...

A Hero's Welcome

Not nearly as snug and exclusive-looking as Legerdemain Lounge, but still a great experience. Located near the bank and right next to Silver Covenant, it provides Alliance players with convenient access to the things they need for a day's errands. This place was once packed, with mostly travelers lingering by the entrance.

Compared to Legerdemain Lounge, this place is a lot airier--the high ceilings and open space encourages air flow and gives you a sense of peace, if you're into that. Thanks to all the heating magics of Dalaran wizards, we don't need to worry about letting the draft in if we keep the windows open.
Perfect for claustrophobic adventurers.
Out back is the Beer Garden, an event area with benches and tables as well as servers. This would have been a perfect place to host a guild party, or even an Azerothian wedding.


Tavern in the Mists 

After climbing countless veiled stairs and hating myself for not doing enough lunges prior to this, I was glad to come across an inn in the midst of this mountain path. This is also the favorite haunt of an up-and-coming celebrity, Wrathion, the Black Prince. Compared to a lot of more well-known hotels, Tavern in the Mists provides basic lodgings with some bed blankets underneath the stairs. 

Comes with a book and what appears to be a bowl of rice that someone left behind. Beats a continental breakfast.
The low-key nature of this tavern is actually good for Wrathion and his shady dealings with...adventurers. *cough*
Me and my shady pal, who seems to have a thing for a blond prince.
Despite its remote location and deceptively simple outer appearance, there are other offerings, such as a hot pool in the back. I hung out with some Hozen business folks in the hot pool the other day. They were impressed with my shaman's water walking abilities, in which I would nonchalantly sit on top of the water.
I must have been too drunk to notice the hozen trader sidling up behind me in the hot pool.
The Golden Lantern

As the new Alliance headquarters of the expansion, the Shrine of Seven Stars is the Pandaren equivalent to A Hero's Welcome. It took a long time of wandering around the continent of Pandaria before I found my way to the Shrine of Seven Stars, and then to its hotel, the Golden Lantern. And, well, this is where my character buys several flasks of Ambrosia and gets drunk on them and starts puking all over the place. The beds, like most pandaren-style beds, are round-shaped. The textured wall decor is gorgeous too.

My little sleepy nook.
Kharanos, Dun Morogh

Thunderbrew Distillery

I got on all of my toons and started exploring the different inns in the old world. There are many that resemble each other, but there's something about Thunderbrew Distillery that I like a lot. Unlike human inns where the cellar is below the kitchen, dwarves like to sleep deep in the earth, so their bedrooms are where humans would place their cellars. 

Pretty spacious for an underground room. Then again, the dwarves are masters at utilizing space beneath the ground.
The rooms are fairly dim in comparison to the rooms in Stormwind's Gilded Rose. This is great for resting your eyes. Who can fall asleep in a brightly lit room (aside from my ex-roommate)? If you're out there, I envy you.

Do dwarves really need such large beds?

Hope you enjoyed this post. Which are your favorite inns to hang out in Azeroth?


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