Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Scoop #15

My life has been monotonous but busy over the past week (mostly consisting of class, gym, studying, begging professors to be my adviser or reader for my thesis project), but there have been perks. 

My craziest piece of writing is getting published! YES. Scratching another thing off of my UCSD graduation bucket list. I might publish it on here one of these days. One of the editors said she loved how "raw" it was. 

  • Woot!!! Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the Horse (which is my zodiac animal). Check out this list of 9 Favorite Books About Horses on B&N Blog. You'll probably recognize at least a couple of the titles.
  • From Refinery29: Most Popular Search Terms for States reveals the most popular questions typed into Google about each state. My favorite is "Why is Texas so Big?" But there are other descriptions of states such as "poor," "corrupt," "rich" and even "smart." 

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  • Oh my god. 17 Scrumptious Ways to Eat a Creme Egg. My mouth is so watering. And it's so bad but so good. The classic Cadbury creme egg is my favorite Easter candy. In Halloween, Cadbury made green creme eggs, and I was too grossed out by the green color that I didn't eat any. :(
  • America Might Be Getting an Asian American Family Sitcom Next Fall from Jezebel. The sitcom would be based on Fresh Off the Boat, a memoir written by chef Eddie Huang about a Chinese family's immigration experience in the United States. I feel that Asian Americans need more representation in the media and am looking forward to this. 
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